The variety of topics that may be covered in the documentaries is growing with each year. Moreover, there show up new facts and events suitable for discussion from different angles. The number of documentary production companies is also increasing; however, not all of them can be proud of successfully released and award-winning documentaries. Besides, not all the documentary production companies have enough budgets to produce movies online that are more often doomed to fail at the box office. Such companies live in the constant struggle between themselves for the acceptance of the audience, not to mention that there are independent producers in the market, whose low-budget movies turn out unexpected successes now and then.

Blowback Productions: Award-Winning Social Documentaries

blowback_avatarBlowback Productions is one of the most popular documentary production houses, which is based in New York. This production company won numerous awards for the documentaries produced by the founder of the company, Marc Levin, and Daphne Pinkerson, his producing partner. Movies produced by Levin and Pinkerson differ in genres, which did not prevent them from gaining success and popularity among a wide audience with the authentic and interesting movies produced by them both as independent producers and as a team. As it is widely known, Levin followed his father’s footsteps becoming a documentary producer. Al Levin was also a prominent producer known for his curiosity, optimism, loyalty and compassion. That could not but play a vital role in the career of his son, whose contribution to the documentary production is highly valued nowadays.

Encyclopædia Britannica Films: A Long History of Success

The history of the Encyclopædia Britannica Films started with the production of educational movies in 1928. eb2During that time, the company was known under the name of Electrical Research Products Inc. (ERPI) Classroom Films. Having produced all sorts of the documentaries, such as geographic, biological, movies on animals and their behavior, on topics of race relations, on chemistry and medical topics, the company gained immense successes in the field of educational documentaries market very quickly. However, with the emergence of VHS and Betamax video cassettes, the company confronted the decline of the market. Though EB Films production came to a halt with the development of the Internet, its full movies are still regarded as high quality ones and now can be found on YouTube.

Participant Media: A Successful Co-Producing Company

Participant Media originally named Participant Productions is a well-known production company based in Los participant-media-logoAngeles. Its primary focus was on movies of such areas as social justice and healthcare among many others. It gained success by co-producing documentary movies not only in the USA but also internationally. Eleven movies among the great variety of the ones produced by Participant Media won Academy Awards, which also points out how a movie production company can become successful and widely accepted. With the release of the movie about the racial issues, The Help (2011), Participant Media had finally received high praises from both the audience and the critics. Moreover, the company tends to work with such famous actors as George Clooney, for example, which certainly makes their brand a more acknowledged one.

Shark Island Productions: A Significant Social Impact

Shark Island Productions is the documentary production company based in Sydney with the long award-shark-island-productions-logo-2winning history. The documentary movies by this company raise awareness among the people all over the world revealing and exposing such painful themes as youth homelessness and incarcerations of young people. The viewers confront the ugly truth of the modern world when the kids tell how their mistakes influenced not only themselves but also their relatives and friends. The company’s documentaries raise issues that can never let the audience feel indifferent no matter whether it is the isolation and loneliness of a little girl or the magic of the rehearsal rooms of a theater.

The Documentary Audience Awaits….

The companies should go with the times to meet the audience’s expectations and to create useful and educatory documentary movies. However, even if a company had a golden age in the development of its production business, it is not protected from the failure. Sooner or later, its success may fade away and be replaced by an innovative producer or a new production company, who adapt to the changes in the documentary sphere quicker.