About fifty documentary movies are officially considered as the best ones. The list of them can be found online, if you would like to widen your horizons and expand your knowledge. Nowadays, people all over the world have access to the Internet and can use different websites to watch movies online free – megamovies.cc alike. However, you should be careful with your choice and read some reviews to understand whether the movie meets your purposes and will be of use for you. There are different types and classifications for documentary movies – they reveal historical events, biological studies, travels around the world, political issues, etc. Some of them show us the horrors of wars – Night and Fog, Shoah, Hearts and Minds; some of the documentaries reveal the injustices of the world – The Thin Blue Line; some are used to show the beauty and the wildness of the nature – Grizzly Man; some depict secrets about show business – Twenty Feet from Stardom. Some of these movies lack the scientific approach and evidence. However, any documentary can teach its viewers a certain lesson.

Night and Fog (1955): Unbearable Reality of Concentration Camps

Night and Fog is a short documentary about Nazi concentration camps. Even nowadays, this documentary is considered as one of the best movies about the horrors of the World War II. The movie was released on the tenth year anniversary of liberation of camps’ prisoners. The mix of black-and-white and color footage increases the effects of the movie making it more grandiose and horrible while showing sadism, tortures, and executions. The viewers will never be able to forget the images of piles of bodies vanished into “the night and fog” after having been deported to those camps.
The pictures used in the movie also reveal the violence of the Nazis towards the prisoners and how they were treated by the so-called “rulers of mankind’s fate”. In 33 minutes, the creators of Night and Fog documentary manage to show the cruelty of Nazis in such ways that the unbearable scenes make the viewers want to turn away and don’t look at the screen. However, this truth of the World War II must be seen. It is a part of our history, no matter how horrible and petrifying it is.

Shoah (1985): Anti-Semitism in Action

The “Shoah” is a Hebrew and French of the Holocaust, which is the main theme of the documentary with the same title. The movie of nine hours and 23 minutes features numerous interviews with the survivors and witnesses of life and death in extermination camps. Though the documentary is not based on historical footage, it brings to light aspects that make the viewers’ hair stand on end. With the help of the methods used by the producer, the viewers feel like they lose themselves in history and cannot help but feel compassion for the prisoners of the camps. If you come across Shoah among free movies online and watch it, you will see that there are no heroes of the Holocaust, but there are ordinary people suffering from the injustices, losing their close people and hoping for the peace.

Hearts and Minds (1974): No Mercy for Vietnamese

Hearts and Minds is a documentary about the Vietnam War, which received rather controversial reviews. The producer used actual news footage to reveal the outright ugliness of the war. However, some of the phrases in the movie distort the initial impression of the documentary. Moreover, the attempts of the author to show compassion for the innocent Vietnamese people dying during the war are blurred with the expressions of racism of interviewees. Some of the scenes also prove that the soldiers were indifferent, they did not think of what may happen to children and women living in the villages they bombed or burned to ashes.

The Thin Blue Line (1988): In Pursuit of Justice

The Thin Blue Light documentary shows the viewers a story of a man who was unfairly convicted and sentenced to death. The producer of the movie, a former detective, meets with this man, Randall Adams, during another investigation of his. What is more surprising, he believes in Adams’s innocence. Though the staged murder and other exaggerated images make you doubt the seriousness of the producer, this popular documentary film still helped to prove Adams was falsely sentenced. Sadly enough, this happens only after twelve years of his imprisonment. The methods used by the producer in the documentary also look a bit clumsy. Nevertheless, the movie earned the audience’s attention and became rather popular showing the flaws of the justice system.

Grizzly Man (2005): Victims to Unfortunate Circumstances

The documentary Grizzly Man sheds light on the life and death of Timothy Treadwell, a well-known “tamer” of wild grizzly bears. The movie consists of interviews with people who knew Treadwell and of the videotapes found after his and his girlfriend’s tragic deaths. It is rather dramatic to learn that the man, who loved wild bears so much, fell a victim to some angry grizzly in the end. On the other hand, it may seem not surprising at all, since Treadwell appears as a rather reckless person from the words of the interviewed rangers. What makes this popular documentary stand out among other nature-related movies is the fact that even being a rookie in shooting videos Treadwell manages to capture such sides of the wild nature, for which even mature and experienced producers and videotape operators can feel jealous.

Twenty Feet from Stardom (2013): Unknown Heroes of Music

The documentary Twenty Feet from Stardom strives to recognize and show us the talent and sacrifice of backup singers. The movie also includes interviews with such well-known singers as Stevie Wonder, Sting, Mick Jagger who are complimentary about their backup singers whose contribution is often underestimated. The producer of the documentary, however, does everything possible to give credit for the hard work of the backup singers. Merry Clayton, Darlene Love, Claudia Lennear, Lisa Fischer, Tata Vega…We might have never heard their names, but we certainly heard their voices in popular songs of the past half of the century. Without them our favorite songs would lose something special, they would lose their souls.

Variety of Documentary Films

The wide variety of the documentary movies makes your choice a difficult one. It may take time for you to find the documentary that will turn your vision of the world upside down. It is worth it!