The latest documentary about the popular band The Beatles: Eight Days a Week – The Touring Years was released in 2016. The documentary produced by Ron Howard shows the peculiarities of the tour the Beatles went on starting from 1962 to 1966. It concentrates more on the backstage work, trips in the bus, but not on the concerts. The movie is mostly based on the footage recording by the members of the group themselves during their tour, which is also an outstanding thing to mention. The producer of the documentary makes hard steps to disclosing the phenomenon of the band’s popularity, which they still managed to remain.

Interviews with Relevant Figures from the Era

Ron Howard, the producer of the documentary movie about the Beatles represents several interviews with ron howard imageRingo Starr and Paul McCartney, still alive members of the band. It is interesting to observe the emotions they reveal when remembering different kinds of occurrences during their four-year touring journey. They sound nostalgic from time to time, but are still full of positive memories. It was a real adventure for them with the unexpected result of the band becoming the idols for people all over the world. The energy and charisma of the boys from the famous band penetrate all through the documentary. Other interviewees, the present-day fans of the Beatle, such as Whoopi Goldberg for example, highly praise the band’s achievements.

Whoopi even speaks of McCartney, Ringo Starr, Harrison and Lennon as being “colorless”, which means their work in the show business was something above the racial issues. They won the acceptance among people from all the races in the world connecting the fans who loved their sons so much. Their extraordinary energy and charisma united those who had not much, more to say had almost nothing in common. The other interviews also pay attention to the influence these young boys had on the audience. This influence is still the most mysterious secret worldwide.

A Long Adventure of Four Years

Although it seems there is nothing more to say about the history of the Beatle, the producer of the documentary movie The Beatles: Eight Days a Week – The Touring Years tries to prove this statement wrong. Howard manages to use a different angle when analyzing and showing the recordings of the tour the band had in the 1960s.

The producer wanted to reveal the reasons why those four boys managed to take the world by storm. Along the beatles eight days a week movie posterwith showing scenes where the members of the group were fooling around during trips, the producer shows parts of the recording from their concerts. During the concerts, the viewers of the documentary can see women screaming and fainting. These videos also depict the insanity of these four years of the tour with the constant city-to-city movement, change of hotels and endless interviews with journalist. However, this does not influence the feeling of euphoria and happiness experienced by the members of the group and the staff.

Though the documentary movie reveals the fun and the joy of the singers during their tour in the 1960s, it also depicts the hardships of being members of a well-known band working “eight days a week” touring endlessly between 250 shows to meet their fans’ expectations. If you search over the internet to watch movies online free of charge, try to find The Beatles: Eight Days a Week – The Touring Years. Even if you are not the fan of the group, there is a possibility you would become one after watching this documentary. It is hard to resist the immense charisma of the Beatles.