Documentary filmmaking is without any doubt the most under-rated art when it comes to visual media. The fact that the only documentaries most people know about are those aired on mainstream channels. Some of these documentaries are absolutely important to understand a lot of things about the world as we know it, others are simply amazing to watch. There are many documentaries created on the great people and great topics but many people have no idea about them because they never got that much media coverage. Let’s take a look at most under-rated documentaries.

The Wolfpack (2015)

The documentary wolf pack shows a dark side of a family. It will make you realize that sometimes how we do not appreciate the small blessings. The wolf pack is the documentary about five brothers. The Angulo brothers were not allowed to go outside by their father. They spent many years just in a tiny small apartment in Manhattan with no interaction of outside world. They were only allowed to go outside once a year and as said by one of brother “It felt like 3D”. When they grew up and realized their situation, they started going out and named themselves “The wolf pack”.

Madonna: Truth or Dare (1991)

Madonna, one of the most adored women in the history of Hollywood. Madonna is a singer, businesswoman, dancer, and songwriter. Every other person in the world is a fan of Madonna because of her beauty, talent, and classy attitude. However, it is true that “All that glitters is not gold”. This documentary shows the inside of Madonna’s life that how much personal suffering she faced. People do not see this thing as a big problem when a person have that much fame but the reality is not like this and it can be seen in this documentary.

Nina Simone was one of the greatest singers with a magical voice. When she used to sing with a Piano and microphone in front of her, she used to catch the crowd in her charisma. In her time, she gained the highest levels of popularity and that is where the problem started. She started using her talent to make awareness about the social issues. However, the popularity played with her mind. At the end of the performance, she was always alone and that made her angry. The documentary shows the vicissitudes of Nina’s life.

Iraq Around The Clock (2003)

A simple yet ingenious creation by a teenager Linus Schroeder Iraq Around the Clock is basically a home based mesh-up of 27 different documentaries created in the past on the subject. Schroeder however created a masterpiece that elaborates the horrors of war that was imposed on Iraq. This documentary covers the history, conspiracy and the reality to give you the full picture.